Your Restaurant Ductwork: Efficiency Of Your Heating And Cooling System And The Importance Of Routine Maintenance

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Your Restaurant Ductwork: Efficiency Of Your Heating And Cooling System And The Importance Of Routine Maintenance

21 March 2017
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When you run a restaurant, you have numerous responsibilities to keep the business running smoothly. From food ordering, to staff scheduling, you also have to worry about building maintenance and upkeep. When you have a heating and cooling system installed, you will want to have a schedule that gets your heating system serviced at the beginning of the heating season and your air conditioning serviced before the hot weather arrives. While you don't have to know how to fix these systems on your own, you will need to know when it's time to have maintenance done on your heating and cooling units. In addition, when there are problems, you will need to call for service right away to avoid more expensive repairs in the future.Here are some things you should know and when you should call for help:

If Your Ductwork Makes Loud Noises When the Heat Turns On

Ductwork can make banging noises when the heat or air conditioning turns on and off. This is caused by the expansion of the metal when hot air is blowing through it and the contraction when cold air hits the ductwork. If the noise is bothersome to your guests, you can open up some of the ductwork vents to see if that solves the problem. This can reduce the air buildup within the ductwork and make it less noisy when it expands or contracts.

Keep Your System Efficient with Ductwork Cleaning

Your restaurant probably has an extensive network of ductwork, and this means there are plenty of places for dirt, grime, and even small rodent nests to build up. When your ductwork is cleaned by a professional, this will ensure that the air can flow freely through your ductwork and into your restaurant. This helps your heating or cooling system run more efficiently. When the ductwork is cleaned, it will also be checked to make sure there aren't any leaks in your ductwork. When leaks are repaired, your system will be even more efficient.

Call for Maintenance Before You Need an Emergency Repair

Good maintenance on your heating and cooling system will help avoid emergency repairs. Good maintenance helps keep your system running well and will help keep costs down. When you want to ensure that you don't lose days of business because of a failed heating or cooling system, get your system serviced before the season starts.

When you run a restaurant, it's important to pay attention to the heating and cooling system before it breaks down and you need an emergency repair. For more information and assistance, contact a duct cleaning company, such as Hooten Equipment Company LLC.