The In(Ternal) Crowd: Ordering Lunch Catering for a Health-Conscious Group

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The In(Ternal) Crowd: Ordering Lunch Catering for a Health-Conscious Group

17 December 2017
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Feeding a large crowd always takes some time and planning. When you have a health-conscious crowd, you will have even more to plan for. If you have a group of fit people who enjoy watching their diet, you will need to be sure that the lunch catering offers plenty of filling options but none of the bad ingredients. For lunch catering for the nutritious-conscious, here are some choices that you can make a part of the lunch platter. 

Include considerable amounts of raw vegetables and fruit

The two things that you cannot have too much of are fruits and vegetables. You can order cut fruits and vegetables made into a tasteful platter as part of the meal. If anyone is vegan, they will appreciate having these options, as they won't have to ask what ingredients are included. If you want to add a little bit of flair to the vegetable trays and fruit trays, you should add some dips. Make sure that the dips are all natural and have a small card next to them announcing their name and ingredients. Make one salad dressing dip, one sweet dip for fruit, and another avocado dip for any all-natural chips. 

Go with 100% natural ingredients

You will find that many health-conscious people prefer to know where the food came from. All-natural food that comes from a reliable source will be trusted by those who are serving lunch to. Order a catered lunch of fish and chicken that is naturally and ethically sourced. A placard should be placed next to each item identifying how it was sourced and how it was cooked. This way, everyone can decide what to take from the buffet area, rather than having plates served that they may have questions about. 

Glam up the side items

Having numerous side items makes the meal itself more appealing. Ask your lunch caterer to prepare some ritzy side items to go along with your cooked chicken and fish. Items such as stuffed bell peppers, stir fry with brown rice, and prepared vegetable casseroles will pep up the look of the overall plate. Be sure that there are hot and cold options in the event that some guests enjoy a diet of room temperature food versus hot food. With a plethora of options for side items that range from spicy to mild with natural ingredients, you are sure to give all of your guests a perfect luncheon no matter their dietary restrictions.

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