Crash Course In Office Management: Food And Beverage Section

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Crash Course In Office Management: Food And Beverage Section

29 December 2018
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There are many different factors involved in being a successful office manager. You will need to understand how to both make the office workers happy as well as maintain a proper work environment. While many people focus on the paper and business aspects (thing such as printers, phones, and the logistics of the office), there are many other things you will want to be aware of; namely the food and beverage supplies. Modern offices are not like the offices of old. You will need to maintain a really exciting and vibrant office. Part of that means making sure that people have enjoyable food and beverages so that they don't keep leaving the office to go to outside coffee shops or food stands. So, here's your way of doing it.

Water Delivery Service: Spring, Sparkling, and Purified

Simple drinking water is one of the most important things you will be responsible for. Many people don't want to drink tap water, so its very important that you know which water to get and how to get it. There are three popular styles of water to get. First, you want to get spring water. This is for people who like the clean water that comes from natural springs. Second, you want to stock a sparkling water. Sparkling water will really be a good thing to have delivered to your office since many people are accustomed to leaving and picking up seltzer or some other sparking water. So, to have a case of  natural sparkling water delivered will be a big morale boost. The employees will see it as a cool benefit (they don't have to pay for water and it's easy access) and you'll benefit as productivity will go up as employees won't leave to get their water. Finally, you will want to get purified water. This water will have been cleaned by either carbon filtration or reverse osmosis. 

Contact a professional service, such as Dean's  Waterservice Inc, for more water delivery options.

Coffee: Cups, Cold, and Organic

The other big draw away from your office will be coffee. Employees will run out at any moment of the day to grab a latte or espresso or Americano. A standard coffee pot won't be a big deal because so many people want more than simple coffee. This is why you want to speak to your water delivery service and ask them about coffee options. You want a single serve pod or cup design which will allow all sorts of different coffees including organic, flavored (hazelnut, etc...),  dark roasts and light roasts, and decal. Secondly, you will want to make sure your delivery service will be able to delivery cold coffee such as cold brew. A supply of cold brew coffee will be just the thing to keep them from leaving to hit up the nearest boutique coffee shop.