How To Order At A Chicken Wing Restaurant

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How To Order At A Chicken Wing Restaurant

15 November 2019
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Chicken wings are a classic finger food. They can be eaten as an appetizer, used as a snack while watching a sports game, or ordered in larger portions for a full meal. If you love chicken wings, you should take advantage of wings restaurants that specialize in this delicious dish. Here are four tips to help you get exactly what you want when you order at a chicken wings restaurant:

1. Select your portion size.

You can order varying amounts of wings at a chicken wing restaurant, depending on how hungry you're feeling. If all you want is a light snack to eat while you watch the game, you can choose an appetizer portion or split a full-size dish with a friend. If you're feeling hungry, larger portion sizes are available. Chicken wings are relatively small, so it's easy to order exactly the amount of food that you want. If you're visiting the restaurant with a large party of people, you can order a big platter of wings and eat family style.

2. Pick your level of spiciness.

Hot wings are typically served tossed in a spicy buffalo sauce that's as creamy as it is hot. Many people enjoy the burn of a good hot sauce, but some people have more sensitive palates. Wing restaurants allow you to customize your dining experience by choosing the degree of spiciness you desire. People who don't like spicy foods can choose mild wings that don't have the same bite to them. This is also a great option for children with more delicate palates.

3. Choose your sides.

If you're making a meal out of your chicken wings, you'll want to order sides with it. Most wing restaurants have a large selection of sides to choose from. You can order French fries for a classic side or make your meal a little more special with onion rings. Some wing restaurants even offer mozzarella sticks, which are served hot, so the outsides are crispy and the insides are gooey. Mozzarella sticks are typically served with marinara sauce on the side. The cheesiness of this side can complement chicken wings very well.

4. Choose the right dipping sauce.

The right dipping cause can add a whole new dimension of flavor to your meal. Restaurants that specialize in chicken wings often have a number of options to choose from.  Blue cheese dressing is a traditional dip for hot wings, but ranch dressing is a less piquant option that some people prefer. Barbecue sauce and sweet glazes are also available for people who don't like creamy dipping sauces.