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I have always loved the idea of owning my own restaurant, but a few months ago, I realized that I wanted to make that dream a reality. I started focusing on looking for a great space to call my own, and when I finally did, I was really impressed with how my team came together and made things happen. The last thing that I worked on was getting a fantastic food services company to come in to provide us with our daily selects like bread and fresh veggies, and they did a great job too. This blog is here to help restaurant owners to make better food and superior choices.

Considerations And Guidelines When Using Flexible Gas Connections In A Commercial Kitchen

23 June 2015
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Natural gas is a clean, affordable fuel used in food service and restaurant kitchens across the nation. It has a long track record for safety, too, and most facility managers understand how to appropriately use gas-fueled equipment. However, you may not be aware of safety standards in place for how equipment should be connected to the gas supply, especially if your kitchen contains older equipment or hasn't been renovated in a while. Read More …